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"Good health is everyones birth right " is the ideology that started with the need to set up a one stop solution provider.
Along with precison kolkata's need for quicker diagnosis, high quality standards and user friendly reports in diagnostic services have been the drivers of our service standards and quality approach .

Our NABL accredition , Integrated pathology partnership with Roche, Beckman Coulter, Transasia and BioRAD , world standard MRI with 1.5 Tesla 16 Channel (GE HDxT) and a host of other globally acclaimed high precision equipments and imaging devices in our lab and centers ensure your physician does not require a second opinion.

"After all this Even if he/she calls for one we would give it free !!

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The 150 strong highly skilled and trained staff with automated process, zero error barcoded logistics ensure your accurate report is delivered just about anywhere in the city on promised schedule every time you depend on us.

Over 1000 physicians in the city respect this thought and action of ours and we help them to keep you healthy and smiling

Our Happy Clients Say

I had to get a vitamin test and my wife told me i will call the religare guy and he will come tomorrow. I asked can he come today to which she said we have to book at least one day in advance. And then I remembered RB Diagnostics and called them. It was around 11 am and by 1 pm their person was there to collect my blood and by 7pm in the evening I had the report in my mailbox; and to top it all, since my report showed some vitamin D deficiency, they guided me personally to take the right injection; and obviously the next morning, their person was there to execute the same. Not to forget they gave me a 10% discount as well. Overall it was a super experience and would blindly recommend them to anyone! thanks RB

Our Happy Clients Say

This testimonial has been written by me for RB Diagnostics, our health specialist for their extraordinary services given to me on the day of Ashtami i.e 2/10/14 a day of holiday in Bengal. My wife fell down and got her ankle fractured. I immedietly called up RB Diagnostics and they asked me to reach his saltlake centre for X-Ray. To my surprise the director also came there personally and helped me get all tests done and also arranged for the plaster immediately within 2 hours. It was a great help as we all know what puja holidays mean in Bengal. I shall be thankful to them all my life as they did something which cannot be expressed in words. R B Diagnostics has a great future ahead with Deepakji and it shall become the best Diagnostic centre in Kolkata very shortly.

Our Happy Clients Say

It was the first time i came to know that I was not as healthy as I thought I was when my GP prescribed more then 20 odd blood/ urine tests ...I knew I might be in trouble Then RB Diagnostic came along...not only did they guide me not to worry and got all my tests done smoothly, that too at 8 am on a Sunday morning in your lake town unit just because i had a meeting scheduled at 11 am. They also took doctor's opinion for my sake and guided me to one of the best Urologist and now I am undergoing his treatment. From the core of my heart i would like to thank RB Diagnostics for 1). For getting me to relax and not to worry 2). All my tests done in record time 3) troubling their empanelled doctors for my sake 4) getting the best doctor to treat me. Let me assure you when you partner with RB DIAGNOSTIC you are patterning with the best and i would like to be your partner when you open your next branch in Bhawanipur ... Need I say more

Our Happy Clients Say

I, Dr Sankalp Taparia, as a dentist require a lot of OPG X rays and some investigations for my patients on a regular basis. All my North Kolkata & Howrah patients are referred to RB Diagnostics and the way they handle each referral of mine is amazing. The organization truly runs on - Auto Pilot mode which itself speaks for the success of any multi location business and they manage it superbly. Deepak doesn't even have a clue of most of my referrals but he still manages to pass all my Thank You Slips. Their reporting over email is awesome and a boon for doctors like me at the other end of the city. I get to communicate all that I need to my patients and they are all also very satisfied with their services & functioning. Hats off Deepak & team RB for running so many centers effectively and helping this city to live a healthier life! Regards,


Our Happy Clients Say

I am Maneesh Baid, representing Electromart and we deal in Electrical Switchgears and are Channel Partners for many companies like ABB, HPL, Indo Asian and LG. Friends have you ever felt a sense of excitement and worry at the same time, well me and my wife did very recently. A day before we were supposed to leave for Puri, my younger son Divit, developed some rashes on his body. He was already suffering from high fever and we were in a dilemma that it might be dengue. We were discussing on the idea to cancel our Puri trip. That’s when R B Diagnostic came into the picture, I called them up and they immediately arranged for the blood test and also made an urgent appointment with the doctor. The results were mailed to us within hours and we were able to consult the doctor by evening, where we received the good news that it is nothing more than a viral infection. The prompt action and efficient service at R B Diagnostic was appreciable. Thank you RB as because of them we were able to attend the most Rocking Social in Prudent History. I would highly recommend R B Diagnostic to all my friends and relatives and ask for you all to do the same.


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RBD healthy life6300

  • Pre Test Info : Overnight fasting required, please drink 500 ml of water before coming. Be prepare to spend 3-4 hours as this package includes Bloodwork, X-ray, USG, Echo and ECG
  • Report Delivery Daily
  • Componets Total 27
  • CheckupCheckup

RBD healthy life (Blood & Urine)3900

  • Pre Test Info : Overnight fasting required,this includes all the routine blood and urine test. For this package you can also book for home collection.
  • Report Delivery Same Day
  • Componets Total 20
  • BloodworkCheckup

Executive health check-up4800

  • Pre Test Info : Overnight fasting required, please drink 500 ml of water before coming. Be prepare to spend 2 hours as this package includes Bloodwork, X-ray, USG, ECHO & ECG
  • Report Delivery Daily
  • Componets Total 21
  • CheckupCheckup